What You Need To Know About Sustainable Deodorant Packaging

Environmental and hygiene-related concerns heavily influence new product launches within the personal care space, and sustainable deodorants are trending as a result. As consumers safely socialize again, they seek personal hygiene products that support their new lifestyle and values.

What is sustainable packaging?

The growth in the population and a rise in the global economy have affected our environment badly. We are continually destroying our planet's natural resources, leaving us with little option but instead to adopt eco-friendly activities in order to rescue our mother nature from destruction.

Going green is the only option to save our planet and grow businesses. It is just nice to go for green marketing for brands, but it's their utmost need to promote eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. Customers these days are much aware of these issues, so they prefer environmentally-friendly brands that aim to protect the environment and planet.

Sustainable packaging is defined as packaging that reduces its environmental impact over time and is also safe to use for people and the surrounding environment.

There are a number of ways to attain sustainable packaging:

Use 100% raw or recycled materials.

Keep an eye on your production process and lower the carbon footprint.

Rethink your packaging and improvise for reusability.

 Sustainable packaging does not come in handy as you need to consider social factors and eco factors. Business needs to understand that it may cost high, but it will be profitable for them and for the environment in the long run.

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Sustainable packaging for shipping:

Instead of shipping in huge boxes, you can use eco-mailers to deliver the product. It will save both money and space.

Like the environment, your body needs natural products with less waste material. And if you are looking for a zero waste or eco-friendly deodorant, then Minway Print is your perfect choice. We make sure to give you sustainable products with paper deodorant packaging.

When it comes to deodorant, you can discover a zero-waste option that comes free of packaging. However, you may select a product in a refillable package or a recyclable package. The procedure of how ingredients are grown, harvested, mined, or manufactured is also part of the product's overall footprint and, therefore, a part of the sustainability conversation.

You'll notice that some of the zero-waste deodorants and others are antiperspirants. As the name suggests, antiperspirants block sweat production with an aluminium compound that plugs the sweat ducts. On the other hand, natural deodorants don't contain aluminium, so they can reduce odour and absorb some sweat; they don't protect you from entirely sweating.

Why do we choose to have paper tube deodorant than plastic?

Like lipsticks, deodorants also have a creamy texture and contact your body directly. So you need to take much more care of the ingredients and packaging material than the product. We know people are much concerned about mother nature, but they also want to flaunt their fashionista choices and looks, so they need to be more careful about their options. Usually, deodorant packaging is done with glass material, but Minway Print wants more durable and portable. And there comes the idea of using paper tube deodorants. Paper tube packaging comes with a whole package of being less expansive, renewable, and cute looks.

Personal care, as well as any packaging placed on the market, must be ecologically sustainable or, preferably, reusable, totally recyclable, and composed of toxic-free materials.

According to some experts, "there are no such things as sustainable goods or materials, just sustainable systems." A product's environmental effect is always determined by the overall factors of the system into which it is put. Regarding deodorants, they can always be refilled, and many manufacturers are currently offering deodorant sachets for free, such as in bar applications.

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Pushup paperboard tubes:

These are made with recycled content and dramatically reduce the amount of plastic weight when prepared with a traditional deodorant stick. Once specific to all-natural brands, many companies now use paperboard tubes from clean beauty brands to large multinational corporations for eco-friendly packaging.

Purchases for the first time feature a durable outer container and detachable cartridges to keep the deodorant firm. When the product is finished, customers can save the outer container and reorder a new cartridge. This system also eases to personalize the experience by swapping in and out new scents. Outer containers are usually made with post-consumer resins or aluminium for more premium packages. Refill cartridges are packed in lightweight, recyclable materials like paperboard, which reduces plastic waste and shipping weight compared to a traditional deodorant stick.

According to experts, "overall production of packaging and generation of packaging, waste has been steadily growing over the past ten years. Also, the packaging sector is the most significant contributor to plastic waste, generating about 17.8 million tons in Europe in 2018.

Environmental sustainability is a broad issue that has a strong presence in the packaging sector. Products traditionally use plastic within the deodorant packaging arena, especially roll-on applications. While it is recyclable, the plastics often range in kind, making recyclability difficult as some recyclers may not accept the material. Aerosol deodorant applications, on the other hand, are about 60% tin-plated steel and 40% aluminium. Although both materials are recyclable, aerosols contain some plastic and tiny rubber components, such as the lid, valve, and dip tube. These can become recyclable if they can be removed throughout the recycling process. This doesn't change the fact; however, most companies do not use recycled materials to produce new products.

Despite these developments, the personal care business still has a long way to go to achieve the environmental sustainability needs dictated by global eco-sentiment. As customers' expectations rise, the sector is likely to embrace more environmentally friendly packaging formats.

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