Eco-Friendly Lipstick Packaging-A Way To Bring Real Charm in Lipsticks

A famous quote is, "we don't have to sacrifice a strong economy for a healthy environment".

Have you ever wondered how much damage lipsticks have already done to the environment? We are so mesmerized by how cosmetics enhance our beauty that we overlook the damage these cosmetics do to our environment.

Business owners need to know that the wrong kind takes decades to break into a landfill, and materials like plastic never decompose when it comes to cosmetic packaging. Plastic packaging pollutes the sea and land forever. So the only way to save the earth is by changing how we make, present, and distribute things.

It is now almost a decade since packaging companies have started using production and packaging materials that are eco-friendly and recyclable.

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Eco-friendly solutions for your products

As the saying goes, "the first impression is the last impression," therefore the packaging of any product sends a clear statement to the buyer. It's your first impression that conveys your brand, your values, and what sets you apart in the marketplace. Many customers are concerned about environmental issues and are dedicated to buying products that don't contribute to degrading.


 Types of eco-friendly packaging

Packaging is used to protect the environment is categorized under the umbrella. Everything that contributes to the health and safety of our planet is packaged in environmentally friendly packaging.


PCR Packaging

The use of PCR, or post-consumer resin, in today's ecologically friendly cosmetic packaging alternatives is a long-term solution. PCR technology can produce plastics into new packaging that looks like a high-end product while still providing your customers with sustainable satisfaction with your product. When it comes to eco-friendly packaging, PCR can give the following benefits.

· Avoids further use of petrochemical resins.

· Reduces landfill dumping.

· This prevents further depletion of our limited fossil fuel resources.

· Reuses single-use plastics.

· Helps forge a more circular economy.

· Offers a similar appearance as PET plastics.

· It can be recycled for use in other manufacturing processes.

· Offers the same durability as PET plastics.

· Produced using less energy than other PET plastics.

· Maintains a very low gas vapour transmission rate.

· It is resistant to stress cracking.


Minway Print has quality PCR products that offer our customers a full spectrum of sizes, shapes, colours, and volumes to choose from.

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Bamboo Packaging

Another sustainable packaging in the industry is the use of bamboo. Bamboo is a plant used over millennia throughout the world and is now spanning countless industries. It's a rapidly expanding and long-term source of environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging. As a result, the environmental effect is reduced, and the product is cleaner. Bamboos have contributed to sustainable packaging in the cosmetic industry and given them a feeling of luxury. The benefits of bamboo are:

· Fast-growing.

· Reusable and recyclable.

· Strength and durability exceed that of traditional wood.

· Biodegradable and compostable.

· Locally sourced.


Paper Packaging

Today's sustainable paper packaging is eco-friendly and offers a perfect material that can be reused, 100% recyclable, and fully biodegradable. Our sustainable paper jars and lip balm tubes have a smooth high-end look. They are the ideal alternative for petroleum-based plastics for our line of balms, creams, or lotions.

Refillable Packaging

One of the most difficult challenges that the cosmetics industry faces is reducing plastic in packaging. With so few long-lasting and waterproof alternatives available, cosmetic industries have been attempting to find workarounds to decrease the environmental effect of plastic consumption. One of the options is to encourage customers to keep using containers by providing refill services. Companies can offer special discounts for customers who opt for the refill service, enabling the containers to be used for longer.


Cornstarch Packaging

Cornstarch can be a much better option for companies seeking organic materials in the packaging. Cornstarch offers a lot when it comes to eco-friendly packaging options. It is biodegradable and recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly packaging option. It is also non-toxic and emits no emissions, which is why most businesses choose cornstarch as the best eco-friendly packaging material.


Seaweed Packaging

Seaweed appears to be unsuitable for packaging, yet it has a lot of possibilities. Seaweed packaging is edible, biodegradable, and dissolvable, making it an environmentally beneficial packaging alternative. Although it is mainly used for food packaging, it can have applications in the cosmetic industry. During the prototype phase, the seaweed will be frozen, thawed, and air dried to be used as packaging material.


Beeswax Packaging

Another eco-friendly cosmetic packaging material is beeswax packaging. Beeswax can be used as a protective layer around the object or cover. It even comes in different colours and can be much more affordable than other options. Easily moulded and manipulated.


Concrete refillable jars for beauty products

The idea is to sell cement, sand, and water containers to act as refillable for skincare.


Compostable cardboard tubes 

Some brands are using cardboard as their packaging material categorized as organic waste.


Sustainable packaging isn't always cheap. One of the significant drawbacks of sustainable packaging is that it can get expensive. When a brand produces millions of products a day, some eco-friendly cosmetic packaging and advanced machinery and gadgets are needed. Hence if you use eco-friendly packaging, you can change the premium price because this one aspect of your production can become your brand's unique selling style. Minway Print is a brand mainly concerned about environmental health and growth.

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Find a sustainable packaging supplier.

Finding a perfect and suitable supplier for packaging material and printing product labels have always been challenging for cosmetic business starters. You need to have an excellent sustainable packaging supplier with authority over how it all works, especially for cosmetic products. As an eco-friendly cosmetic brand, you want to have a supplier who offers renewable packaging materials that are either degradable, recyclable, or compostable. Other things o consider are durability, reusability, safety, size and weight, and cost. 


If you are looking for direction or customization of eco-friendly options, then Minway Print has the solution, and our designers are there to help you.


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