Sustainable, Custom Packaging for your Premium Chocolate Brand

Why are brands looking for sustainable chocolate packaging?

For a long time, chocolate and confectionery manufacturers have struggled to find a sustainable alternative to standard PET films and aluminium foils with all of the same technical properties and direct food contact approval.

Aluminum foil (in direct touch with the chocolate) and a beautiful paper sleeve that fits over the entire bar, or PET films, which acts as both primary and secondary packaging.

While both methods are technically fine for chocolate packaging, manufacturers and consumers are increasingly searching for more sustainable and environmentally responsible options. PET wrappers have proven difficult to recycle, and chocolate makers are eager to shift away from the two separate wrapping parts of aluminium and paper chocolate packaging, which are both more expensive and time-consuming to create.

Maintaining the visual appeal of chocolate wrapping

At first appearance, both PET and the aluminium wrap with a paper sleeve appear to be suitable replacements for paper. Paper for direct food contact might be an ideal choice for some brands: Nestlé's KitKat brand in Japan successfully made the changeover last year.

However, for many firms, it's still not that simple: many chocolate makers have built their brands on a rich, indulgent, and luxury product, and consumers and the brand itself favour glossy, shiny chocolate wrapper. Moving to recyclable packaging for chocolate cannot come at the expense of the quality look of their chocolate bars, nor of the visual appeal that consumers demand. This is especially true for bigger, international enterprises with household-name chocolate brands.

Packaging materials suitable for direct food contact

While most chocolate makers want to switch to environmentally friendly packaging, those that have previously used PET want to keep their 'one-stop-shop' wrapping. Rather of switching to a wrap option that includes a sleeve, we recommend using a chocolate wrapper material that is acceptable for direct food contact. The movement is led by speed, convenience, and a move toward simpler, less wasteful packaging.

Working with a reputable manufacturer who has the necessary equipment, certifications, and knowledge of how to produce packaging for direct food contact is also important for firms wishing to shift their packaging supply chain.

Minway Print products for chocolate

Minway Print manufactures metallized papers that are suitable for direct food contact. They're perfect for wrapping chocolate. Our paper-based products are environmentally sustainable and recyclable, while yet providing the glossy, premium, high-quality appearance that companies and customers desire.

Our chocolate bar finishes are eye-catching and enticing, ensuring that they stand out on the shelf.

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Sustainable chocolate wrap from Minway Print

Minway Print products are made of paper, making them recyclable and environmentally friendly. They also provide a variety of technological advantages.

· High barrier characteristics

· Our chocolate wrap material is made of recycled paper and is environmentally friendly.

· Approved for direct touch with food and suitable for any size bar

· Our goods are print-ready, which speeds up the time it takes to get a product to market.

In the food sector, chocolate is the most popular edible item. People of all ages like the flavour of chocolate. It's a wonderful idea for a gift. Custom chocolate boxes necessitate effective wrapping.

Minway Print offers companies the best luxury chocolate gift box packaging on the market. Our custom package designers create custom retail chocolate boxes to help your business stand out in the market.

Explore popular chocolate packaging

Arrange your chocolates delicately in high designed, appealing customized chocolate box packaging. We provide innovative and durable packaging solutions for your business.

Every customer who wants to try something sweet first eats with their eyes. This implies that your chocolate box design should lure buyers with delicious artwork, lovely structure, and clean layouts.

We can help you build your own innovative chocolate box design for your brand's tasty items with Minway Prints customized options.

Custom Boxes Designed to Meet Your Brand Packaging Needs

Minway Print offers top customized boxes and packaging services in China and throughout the world. For many years, we have owned a socially responsible firm that has provided fairly cost printing and design services to our prized consumers. We deal with a variety of businesses that have queries about graphic and printing services, and we provide the best printing solutions to them. To get the desired outcomes, we use digital printing, offset printing, and high-quality printing services. We understand, and we provide on-time delivery with expedited orders upon request, but we never sacrifice quality for quantity. We constantly satisfy our valued clients' needs and leave them completely delighted with our first-rate services.

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Choose from Thousands of Styles for Your Custom Printed Boxes and Packaging

As a one-stop solution for all packaging needs, we provide a wide range of customized boxes and packing. You might be a businessman or a random person who needs packing for a personal reason. It makes no difference who you are; what counts is the quality of service you receive from the packaging firm. And this is the firm that can assist you with any of your packaging needs. Minway Print will provide competitively cost superior printing and bespoke packaging whether you want creative business cards, flat embossed invitations, or foil stamp linen folders. We are committed to providing Custom Printed Boxes, Retail Packaging, Kraft Packaging, Custom Food Packaging, Cosmetic Packaging Boxes, Die Cut Boxes, Shipping Boxes, Window Boxes, and any other type of packaging.


Incredible Custom Packaging Deals at the Lowest Market Rates

Minway Print is the place to go for the best and most affordable packaging services. Our helpful and kind customer service professionals are accessible whenever you want assistance with Custom Packaging Boxes. Our valued clients may direct us about their packaging need and requirements through our simple web system. This firm creates premium packaging for you by using high-quality material stock, high-tech printing equipment, and pricey top-quality machinery. To make the printing more expressive and eye-catching, we employ the best inks. We are a right-hand Printing Company that takes full responsibility for delivering bespoke packing boxes. Contact us right now for an immediate quote or to place an order.


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